An Overview of Shopping Centers of Mashhad

An Overview of Shopping Centers of Mashhad

For some people, shopping is the most enjoyable part of traveling. Some people may even choose their travel destinations based on the shopping attractions and price level of that city. Shopping centers of Mashhad are one of its most important attractions for many travelers. In addition, pilgrims and travelers who travel to Mashhad for visiting the shrine of Imam Reza usually buy some blessing souvenirs for their friends and families before returning. You should know that Muslim people of Iran know this city as a holy city and they believe the things that you bring from there are blessing things.

In general, shopping centers of Mashhad are divided into two categories, traditional shopping centers and modern ones. It depends on what your goal is to buy and what district you intend to buy from, then you can choose.

Old and Traditional Shopping Centers of Mashhad

In the traditional shopping centers, you can find memorable and useful items, which are rare. Visiting these bazars would be very attractive for travelers who have traveled to this city.

Reza Bazar

Reza Bazar is one of the oldest and most famous shopping centers of Mashhad. The reason that this shopping center is very famous and popular is its great proximity to the holy shrine. If you have ever gone to Mashhad, especially as a child, you probably have a memory of getting lost in this bazar

The goods sold in this market are mainly spices, barberry, saffron, prayer mat and fine jewelry stones.

The market is located on one of the sides of Jerusalem Square. It is close to the shrine of Imam Reza from Bab al-Jawad.

Shopping Centers of Mashhad
Shopping Centers of Mashhad

Goharshad Bazar

This bazar, as its name implies, was one of the Gawhar shad’s endowments. Gawhar Shad was an influential Timurid woman who did many activities in Mashhad, such as building Goharshad Mosque. This shopping center is a large bazar for home and kitchen appliances. In addition, as like as other shopping centers of Mashhad you can find varied souvenirs in there.

Address of Goharshad Bazar: between Rahnemaei Sq. and Sheshsad Dastgah crossroad, Sazman-e Ab St., Shahid Sadeghi Blvd.

Ghostantanieh Shopping Mall

If you ask people of Mashhad to introduce you a shopping mall with traditional old style, they will definitely tell you about Ghostantanieh Shopping Mall. This old bazar has traditional Iranian architectural elements. This bazar is known as a major center for clothing, textiles, bags and shoes in Mashhad.

Address of Ghostantanieh Shopping Mall: Imam Reza 1, Imam Reza St., Ahmadabad St.

Shopping Centers of Mashhad
Shopping Centers of Mashhad

Molavi Bazar

The Molavi Bazar is one of the most popular shopping centers of Mashhad, where you can easily find goods with suitable prices. Tobacco and haberdashery supplies are mainly available for customers in this bazar.

Molavi Market Address: Mosala Boulevard

Modern Shopping Centers of Mashhad

Concentration of new and modern shopping centers of Mashhad, unlike the old and traditional ones, are mostly further away from Imam Reza Shrine. These shopping centers have a large area with several floors. In these shopping malls, mainly luxury and expensive goods are sold.

Almas Shargh Shopping Center

Almas Shargh Shopping Center is relatively popular among shopping centers of Mahshhad. This shopping center has an area of ​​about 28,000 square meters. The high variety of shopping stores in this mall attracts many travelers and tourists.

Some reasons for popularity of Almas Shargh are its central jumping fountain, five-dimensional cinema, wonderland playground, Shahr-e Daryaei aquarium and traditional theme photography.

Almas Shargh Shopping Center Address: End of the North Khayyam Boulevard

Shopping Centers of Mashhad
Shopping Centers of Mashhad

Aseman Shopping Center

Recreation is one of the important reasons that travelers choose this shopping center. Aseman Shopping Center has an area of ​​50,000 square meters, which each floor of it has its own separate category of goods and functions.

The floors -1, G and 1 are specified for buying luxury apparel. On the 11th floor, you can find the true meaning of recreation by eating food and playing games.

Aseman Shopping Center Address: 17 Shahrivar St., 17 Shahrivar Sq., Sheikh Toosi St., Imam Reza Shrine

Shopping Centers of Mashhad
Shopping Centers of Mashhad

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