Ski in Tehran | Capital’s Favorite Winter Sport

Ski in Tehran | Capital’s Favorite Winter Sport

Ski in Tehran is among the expensive recreations, and even if you do not want to ski you can use the facilities and winter resorts. The names of Tochal and Dizin ski resorts are familiar to us, but come along with Irantrawell to get to know a number of Ski resorts.

Abali Ski Resort

The Abali ski resort is one of the best places in Tehran for skiing. This place is located in the Haraz road and in a place with the same name and is one of the oldest ski resorts in Tehran and is the first ski resort with gondolas installed. In addition it has five different ski resorts and facilities such as warm water, Imamzade, water and fine weather throughout the year and it also has easy accessibility. Other facilities of this restaurant are a hotel and six restaurants.

Ski in Tehran
Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin ski resort is a proper ski resort that is approved by the international federation of skiing and is suitable for professional skiers. This resort observes different regulations such as slopes and the exact length of routes and thus is suitable for international tournaments. Four gondolas, two chairlifts, nine plate ski lifts, and a hammer ski lift in addition to two hotels and nineteen cabins to stay in, six restaurants are among other facilities of this resort. It is better for you to know that the activity of Dizin resort is not only limited to winter because it also has a grass resort for skiing.

Ski in Tehran
Shemshak Ski Resort

Among other well-known ski resorts in Tehran for the lovers of winter sports is the Shemshak ski resort which is located in a village with the same name. This resort is also approved by the global federation of skiing and due to the its proximity to Tehran attracts a lot of tourists. Two ski lifts, three plate ski lifts, and two hammer ski lifts in addition to two hotels and four restaurants are moang the facilities of the Shemshak resort.

Ski in Tehran
Tochal Ski Resort

The coziest ski resort is the Tochal ski resort. This resort is only five kilometers outside Tehran. If you take the Tochal lift from Valenjak to the ski resort you can see the ski resort in front of you at the lift station. Of course Tochal is smaller than other ski resorts in Tehran but it is the fifth highest ski resort in the world. Among its facilities are three lines of ski lifts and one line of ski gondolas and the Tochal hotel which located at the end of the ski resort.

 Darband Ski Resort

Those who would like to experience a new atmosphere  for skiing and winter recreations, perhaps it wouldn’t be bad to give a visit to the ski resort in Darband. This resort was launched by the private section in 1361 (Solar) and held several international league matches after gaining the international title by the world federation.

Ski Khor Ski Resort

The Ski Khor ski resort which is located near Karaj is among other ski resorts that you can give a visit to during the winter. Among the facilities of this ski resort is the plate ski lift for two paths of 1850 and 350 meters. Irantrawell suggests that is you love excitement and winter sports, at least try this sport one time.

Ski in Tehran

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