Ski Resort of Sirch in Kerman | Ski experiment in a desert region

Ski Resort of Sirch in Kerman | Ski experiment in a desert region

Sirch village placed in Shahdad district of Kerman has a strange weather condition. Right near to the desert of Shahdad and Rig Sokhte region that is the hottest place in the world and has a record for it, you can see a cool region hillside of Jaftan. It is covered by snow half of a year. They hold many winter games like ski in there. Stay with Irantrawell to know more about this region.

Sirch Village

Sirch is a village in Shahdad district. Due to its cool weather, it is the first choice of immigrants for summer times. This village is in a valley with a moderate incline. It starts from Palvar Mountain’s hillside and ends in Shahdad desert.

Ski Resort of Sirch in Kerman
Ski Resort of Sirch in Kerman
Nemone-ye Gardeshgari Zone of Sirch

Nemone-ye Gardeshgari Zone of Sirch with numerous facilities and features like Camping facilities, residential buildings, altars, restaurants, park, Geotourism facilities, observatory, tourism guides, traditional teahouse, and shops selling local products, is a nice place for travelers and tourists who come to this region.

So again, you can enjoy snow fighting just next to a hot desert in with traveling to the Sirch Village.

Sirch Ski Resort

One of the unique beauties of Kerman Province is the Ski Resort of Sirch that you can find it on hillsides of this region. With each snowfall, people of Kerman come to this place and enjoy skiing in this resort with their simplest tools. It is obvious that most of the Middle Eastern people who live in desert regions have never seen any snow in their life, but snowfall for people of Shahdad is a usual thing; despite they are also living in hottest point of the earth.

Sirch Ski Resort
Sirch Ski Resort

Notice: this ski resort have not reached all the standards yet, and it may have dangers for normal people and non-professional athletes.

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