Tabiat Bridge the Small Heaven of the Capital

Tabiat Bridge the Small Heaven of the Capital

Among the usually smog-filled space of Tehran, there is a green and jungle like area, like a flowing spring in the desert. Tabiat bridge, is this flowing spring. In Persian Tabiat means nature. Now stay tuned with Irantrawell to take a walk in this small heaven.

Specifications of the Tabiat Bridge

Next to Milad and Azadi towers, this bridge is considered as one of the landmarks of Tehran connects the AboAtash park in the west with the Taleghani park in the east via Modarres highway.

This bridge was designed by the textile structures of Diba group, Leila Araghian and Alireza Behdadi. This bridge was opened in Mehr 20, 1393. The highest aim in designing this bridge was paying attention to environmental issues, because Tabiat bridge is exactly located in the intersection of Hemmat, Modarres, Haghani, and Resalat, and has a high position.

Tabiat Bridge
Tabiat (Nature) Bridge

The length of bridge is 300 meters and the weight of its structure of 2000 tons. This bridge is not suitable for cars and is inspired by the Khaju bridge in Isfahan and is built in three stories with a recreational environment that has different cafés and restaurants.

Tabiat Bridge
Tabiat (Nature) Bridge
Features of Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat bridge is a three story bridge for walking that connects two of the beautiful and famous parks of Tehran. AboAtash and Taleghani.

Special lighting and unique features of this bridge attracts many people especially at night and creates some dreamy moment for them in the heart of the city of Tehran. Tabiat bridge is the first bridge in the country that is not for cars and is considered the largest bridge in its kind in the Middle East. The area of this structure is 7950 square meters and offers some happy experiences for you at the height of 40 meters.

Tabiat Bridge
Tabiat Bridge
Different and Innovative Design of Bridge

It is said that the architecture of historical bridges, especially the Khaju bridge in Isfahan inspired the designing team of this bridge. On the other hand, this bridge is likened to a tree and the aim of this project was to make a connection between it and nature. When you pay attention to the pillars of the bridge you will notice the tree branch designs. The design of this bridge is also symbolic. In a way that some of its routes move along the topography line of the ground and finally are dispersed in the two parks.

Leila Araghian | Designer of Tabiat Bridge
Leila Araghian | Designer of Tabiat Bridge
The Rewards Given to the Design of Tabiat Bridge

The design of this bridge has received some rewards in and out of the country for its outstanding features. Features such as beautiful design, thought-out design, nature-friendly design, a design that is inspired by historical monuments, the fact that its design is friendly regarding Iranian design, etc.

Tehran Tabiat Bridge
Tehran Tabiat Bridge
Among These Rewards Are the Following
  • Architizer A+Award in the bridge and highways sections, New York, U.S. in 1394
  • MEIDAA 2015 award in the public and rural projects of Middle East, Dubai, Emirates in 1394
  • Kharazmi international award in 1396
Restaurants of Tabiat Bridge

The first story of the Tabiat bridge has a number of high quality café and restaurant that has turned this bridge into a bridge that not only has easy access, but also is equipped with different amenities. Among these restaurants are:

  • Rahe Choobi food court
  • Melal restaurant
  • VIP Tabiat café and restaurant
Tabiat Bridge, Another Symbol of the City of Tehran

Every day, lots of people are drawn to the bridge for fun. The Tabiat bridge is a beautiful place that has a lot of potential for photography and memorabilia. The pleasant landscape of the Tabiat bridge is a powerful factor for attracting tourists, especially at the end of the day so they can be the spectator of the capital’s sunset and the lights of Tehran. Irantrawell suggests that if you are just going to the bridge for photography, do not underestimate the game of light and bubbles, be assured that they will be amazing photos.

Tabiat Bridge
Tabiat Bridge
Access to Tabiat Bridge
  • Easy access to this bridge can be done via subway. In order to go to the Tabiat bridge with the subway, get off at the Shahid Haghani station and walk to the Taleghani park and then you can access the Tabiat bridge via the wooden path.
  • The way to access with your personal car is via west Shahid Haghani highway to the exit of the subway station and use the parking facility.
  • The other route is via the Nelson Mandela street to the north and then entrance to the parking of AboAtash parking.

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