All you should know about Tabriz International Airport

All you should know about Tabriz International Airport

Among all the international airports in Iran, Tabriz International Airport is considered as one of the most important airports due to its geographical location. The airport, located on the Iranian border with Europe and Central Asia, is considered the largest airport in the western part of the country. In this article, we are going to know more about this airport’s various terminals and facilities.

An Introduction to Tabriz International Airport

Tabriz Airport is located in the northwest of Tabriz. It is connected to the second hunting ground from east and north, to the Babaee Blvd from the south and to the Tbariz-Sufian Road from the west.

Tabriz Airport was constructed in 1329 SH. Initially, the only purpose of building this airport was training the military flights, but after some time it changed and they used it as a military and public airport.

Tabriz International Airport
Tabriz International Airport

It is interesting to note that at the beginning, the airport had only two flights during a week, which were from Tabriz to Tehran and vice versa and those two flights belonged to Homa Airlines or Iran’s National Airline. However, nowadays it has a capacity of 200 domestic flights and 200 international flights per week. Due to the quality of its services, it is considered as one of the first-class airports in Iran.

The airport started operating as an international airport since 1356 SH with the flight of pilgrims, and this was the reason that airport’s name was changed to Tabriz International Airport in 1370 SH.

Currently, the airport consists of three terminals for domestic, foreign and pilgrim flights. After the airports of Imam Khomeini, Mehr Abad, Mashhad, Isfahan and Shiraz, Tabriz Airport is ranked sixth in the number of passengers traveling.

Airlines operating at Tabriz International Airport
  • ATA
  • Homa
  • Global
  • Caspian
  • Fly Dubai
  • Iran Air
  • Iran Airtour
  • Aseman
  • Kish Air
  • Mahan
  • Meraj
  • Qeshm
  • Saudi
  • Tailwind Airlines
  • Anwar Air
  • Pegasus
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Zagros
Tabriz International Airport
Tabriz International Airport
Access to the airport

You can now use the following options to get to the airport:

  • Personal car
  • Taxi (24 hours city taxies)
  • Bus (from the Tabriz Bazar or Rasta Kucha Street to the airport and vice versa)
Tabriz International Airport Facilities:
Numerous Stores

With the various stores at the airport, you can find any of the souvenirs in the city of Tabriz as quickly as possible, if you could not have the opportunity to buy them before your trip.

Clothing Store

Due to the fact that the pilgrims use this airport to go to the Mecca, they can buy the special uniform of Hajj from the clothing stores in the airport.


In addition to Bank Melli Iran’s branches and Mellat bank’s branches, you can find a variety of ATMs such as Melli Bank, Tejarat, Ansar, etc., which are at the airport and you can use them for your business.

Restaurants and cafes

You can use a variety of food stalls that are located at the airport to spend your waiting time.

Packing the baggage

If you do not know how to load the baggage, you can get help from the airport’s packaging section.

VIP hall

If you need to spend lots of time at the airport, you can use the airport’s VIP lounge service. In addition to various restaurants, this room also has free internet access.


The emergency services and emergency department of the airport is open 24 hours a day and gives services the dear people.


If you use your own car to get to the airport, you can park your car safely in the airport’s private car park until you return from your journey.

CIP hall

If you need to wait a long time for the next flight after arriving at the Mashhad Airport, you can use the CIP hall. In this lounge, in addition to free internet, you will have access to other amenities. In addition, airport staff can prepare the necessary documents for your next flight without doing anything yourself.

Special Services for Disabled People

One of the reasons that this airport has become one of the top airports in Iran is considering specific facilities (such as wheelchairs, toilets, etc.) for disabled people and the route for them.

Other facilities of this airport are:
  • Smoking room
  • Mother and baby room
  • Customs facilities
  • Lost items section

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