Tamashagah Zaman Museum is the only Iranian time museum?

Tamashagah Zaman Museum is the only Iranian time museum?

The Tamashagah Zaman Museum is a museum in Tehran that, in addition to displaying a very nice mansion, invites you to see a variety of watches and clocks from the old to the present. Tamashagah Zaman means “The place to watch the time” in Persian.

Stereo Hearts Museum, a Place to Spend Some Beautiful Time

The Museum of Zaman is in fact the home of Hussein Khodadad, an entrepreneur and businessman whose house was confiscated from him after the Islamic revolution. The architecture of this museum, with mirroring, mogharnas and plaster work, and the surrounding garden, provides you with a space to get away from the rush of the capital, plus a famous café in which you can spend some time.

Tamashagah Zaman Museum
Tamashagah Zaman Museum
The Features of the Tamashagah Zaman Museum

The museum that is located in Zaferanie, is a collection of timeline and instrumentation tools in an area of 5,000 square meters. The two-story museum with an area of 700 square meters has demonstrated the evolution of the clock mechanics and the timer’s tool from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. In fact, this space which is the first clock and watch museum in Iran, can be appealing even to those who are not interested in museums. A collection of English, Swiss and German clocks and watches are on display at the Tamashagah Zaman Museum.

Different Watches and Clocks at the Tamashagah Zaman Museum

There are sundials, water clocks, mechanical water clocks, oily clocks and hourglasses that are familiar to most of us in the museum area. In addition, the Dragon Boat, which is a kind of Chinese clock, is one of the fascinations of the area and the spectacles. This clock would show time by lighting a candle inside it using some threads.

The rope clock is the other clock in the museum’s area, which, like the Dragon Boat, shows the time by burning the rope. The candle clock is another kind of clock that can be used to determine the time when the candle is lit and melted from the remaining amount. You can also watch the candlelight clock in the museum area.

The museum is in two stories. The first story shows the evolution of the clock from the seventeenth to twentieth centuries. Pendulum watches, shahini, desk and wall clocks can be seen on this floor. On the second floor of the museum of ordinary pocket watches and custom pocket watches belonging to the historical and political figures, special clocks such as clocks to indicate your time of arrival at work, guard shifts, ship clocks and also wrist watches are displayed in a variety of bracelets and in two times.

A part of the museum is also dedicated to calendars which could also be fun to visit.

Tamashagah Zaman Museum
Tamashagah Zaman Museum

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