Taxi in Iran | Road Transportation System in Iran

Taxi in Iran | Road Transportation System in Iran

Taxis are considered as one of the most convenient means of public transportation in most cities of the world. Taxi in Iran is the same way if you want to travel without a private car in the city, the easiest way to do so is to use a taxi. Telephone taxis, INTERNET taxis, airport taxis, and line and passing taxis allow a large range of options at a range of costs in getting a taxi. In this regard, Irantrawell has considered one of the most popular public transportation routes.

Iran Taxi
Iran Taxi

Yellow Taxis

Iran’s taxis are usually domestic cars and there work in lines and city-wide passes.

In the case of line taxis, if you identify their stations, you will usually have access to most of the key areas of the city at an affordable price.

Yellow passing taxis in Iran usually work as charter taxis (fully exclusive). But with the existence of internet taxis, it’s not advisable to use this type of charter taxis.

Airport taxis are yellow as well and sometimes green, but the main difference is that airport taxi cars are usually of a higher quality with more features like Wi-Fi. But in terms of price, they are the most expensive means of public transportation in Iran.

Iran Taxi
Iran Taxi

Internet Taxis

In recent years, following the global business trends in Iran, businesses like Uber emerged and developed greatly with much enthusiasm from Iranians.

Snapp is the first taxi finding platform in Tehran, which began with the bran TaxiYaab at the beginning. But after a while due to the problems imposed on the National Taxi Organization, the name of the service was changed to Snapp. Snapp started its activities in the winter of 1393 (around 2014) and its ownership belongs to the Iran Internet Group.

Snapp is currently active in most cities of Iran. And you can download the app for Android and iOS by clicking on each one.

Advantages of using smart taxis:

1. Access to taxis at any time and place

2. Lower prices than taxi service agencies and cost-effective transportation

3. No need to pay cash

4. Know exactly when the car comes to you and you can estimate your arrival time to your destination

5. Travel quality is higher than normal taxis

6. You’re doing business with a company not a taxi driver, so you can expect more

7. Generally speaking, drivers are more well-mannered

Online taxi Iran
Online taxi Iran

Taxi Payment Method in Iran

It is common in Iran to pay taxi fare with cash. In fact, if you set aside the cost of paying a taxi in Iran, you never have to have cash on your person, because even vendors are equipped with POS machines. But in fact, in major cities such as Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz, you can pay the taxi fare online using QR code, but Irantrawell recommends that you do not trust this capability so much.

The cash you have on your person would upset the driver if it is not changed, especially during the early hours of the day, so pay attention to this fact.

Online taxi Iran
Online taxi Iran

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