Tehran Book Garden, the Capital’s Paper Paradise

Tehran Book Garden, the Capital’s Paper Paradise

Tehran Book Garden was opened to public in 1396 (Solar) as the largest bookstore in the world with the motto discover, experience, learn. Although Tehran’s Book Garden is a bookstore, it aims to increase the per capita level of reading in Iran, to raise publishing standards, to connect publishers and book readers, to promote innovation, and to create a multipurpose center for creativity and childhood animation and entertainment. To find out about this paper paradise come along with Irantrawell.

Shopping from the Book Garden, an Exciting New Experience

Buying books from this place will give you a different experience of buying a book. You can browse bookshelves for hours, read your favorite books, and shop safely without the eyes of the seller following you everywhere.

The placement of sculptures from fiction writers will encourage children to travel more and more in the world of books. The Robotic Club is one of the other facilities in the Tehran Book Garden, where members can arrange artificial intelligence courses.

Different Parts of the Book Garden
Tehran Book Garden
Tehran Book Garden

The Book Garden is designed and segregated into 4 main blocks. Block A includes a permanent and thematic bookstore. Block B consists of passing of culture that has main entrances, amazing corridors and warehouses. Block C is an open-air amphitheater, main amphitheater, gallery and cultural goods store, and Block D also includes specialized exhibitions, children’s and adolescents’ halls, and workshops for children and adolescents.

This place, located next to the Persian Language and Literature Academy, the Garden of the Holy Defense Museum and the National Library of Iran, has created a unique and unique cultural atmosphere that cannot not encourage people to read and write books.

Different Places in Book Garden
  • Shahr publication center: block D, ground floor
  • Youth bookstore: block A, ground floor
  • Book Garden robotic club: block A, first floor
  • Adult bookstore at Book Garden: block D, ground floor
  • Youth science garden: block D, first floor
  • Kids science garden: block C, first floor
  • Book Garden escape room: block D, ground floor
  • Viona café: block C, ground floor
  • Baghestan café: block C, ground floor
  • Mother and kid room: block A, ground floor
  • Book Garden kids house: block A, ground floor
  • Bami no restaurant café: block D, ground floor
  • Izar café: block A, ground floor
  • Kambi café: block D, ground floor
  • Kiosk burger: block C, first floor
  • Kids café: block A, first floor
  • Book Garden cinema Pardis: block C, ground floor
Irantrawell’s Suggestion

If you planned on going around in Tehran, put this cultural and fun travel to the Tehran Book Garden in your itinerary and gift yourself the joy of reading books. The Irantrawell team suggests that if you are a book lover, be sure to prioritize visiting the Book Garden. This place with its cafés, high quality food kiosks, comfortable chair and soda is a good place for friendly meetings.

Tehran Book Garden Addresses

Address 1: Vanak square, Haghani highway, west to east route, after Shahid Modarres highway intersection, the exit to the national library, Tehran Book Garden

Tehran Book Garden
Tehran Book Garden

Address 2: Shahid Hemmat highway, east to west route, after the exit to the Haghani highway, the exit to the Defae Moghadas museum, Tehran Book Gardem

Address 3: Haghani subway, 10 minutes of walk from the Defae Moghadas museum, after the bridge, Tehran Book Garden (straight path)

IVR phone number: 96045500

The phone number of the public and international relations: 96045703-96045700

Tehran Book Garden
Tehran Book Garden

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