Tehran Ecotourism Resorts | Staying in Old Times

Tehran Ecotourism Resorts | Staying in Old Times

Travelers often choose a place to stay for a variety of factors. From hotels at different prices to innings, boarding houses and ecotourism resorts that are of special interest. In this section, Irantrawell will introduce a number of such Tehran Ecotourism Resorts.

Artin Resort in Damavand

Artin resort in Damavand is one of the ecotourism resorts in Tehran and is a great option for those who are interested in nature and ecotourism. This resort is an old house that has been built fifty years ago and has five housing units in two stories. Artin ecotourism resort is located in the Firoozkooh road in the Sarbandan village in the suburb of Damavand and is a great chance to get a little distance from your work and enjoying the calm of nature. In order to protect the traditional architecture of this resort, this place does not have bed, TV, bath and restroom. Also since the resort is located in the country side, heating devices are not installed.

Haj Davood Bozorgmehr Resort in Baraghan

Another ecotourism resort in Tehran is Haj Davood Bozorgmehr Resort in Baraghan. In the margin of the all the crowdedness of the city of Tehrna there is the Haj Davood Bozorgmehr Resort in the historical village of Baraghan in Karaj. This resort with five housing spaces is a good choice for those who are interested in this space and it is close to Tehran.

Haj Davood Bozorgmehr
Haj Davood Bozorgmehr
Amoo Mash Reza Resort in Varamin

The Amoo Mash Reza resort in Varamin with four rooms is another Tehran Ecotourism Resorts. The traditional architecture, gazebo, green garden, traditional beds and walls made of hay and dirt create a suitable environment in this resort for you. Furthermore, other parts of this ecotourism resort are sharbat khaneh, handicrafts bazaar, atashgah, photography gallery, and library. The Alaedin tower, Ghasre Bahram caravanserai, and the village of Khave are among the neatby tourist attractions in the Amoo Mash Reza resort in Varamin.

Finally, the ecotourism resorts of Tehran are much more suitable than hotels with respect to expenses and are considered as better choices, but Irantrawell suggests that you consider all factors before choosing your place to stay.

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