Tehran Grand Bazaar, City’s Beating Heart

Tehran Grand Bazaar, City’s Beating Heart

Don’t doubt that the first choice for good shopping with a reasonable quality and price is Tehran grand bazaar. Each day, many customers and business owners go to the Tehran grand bazaar to shop, a place in where the oldest and most reputable businessmen of Tehran have a shop.

From the past to the present day, the Tehran grand bazaar is the economic heart of the country, and perhaps the political currents have always been driven by Tehran grand bazaar. Come along with Irantrawell so that together we can hear the story of this beating heart.

Tehran Grand Bazaar
Tehran Grand Bazaar
The History of Tehran Bazaar

The construction of the bazaar dates back to the nineteenth century. The summer heat of Tehran requires the construction of a bazaar with a roof, and the capitalists and aristocrats add to the breadth of the bazaar by endowments of shops and markets. Naser-al-Din Shah has also built a large building that was influenced by foreign Opera House to celebrate and hold an official ceremony near it, relying on the government’s reputation and setting up the largest mosque, the Imam’s mosque.

The Tehran grand bazaar has a lot of corridors, passages, markets and shops. This breadth of complexity of the map was one of the reasons why it was difficult and impossible to control political movements and the movement of market players during any period of government. Therefore, Tehran grand bazaar has always been an important economic, political and social center throughout its life.

Hajeb Al-Doleh Shop

Iranian bazaars have some shops in them among which one or two are the most beautiful. In a way that people go there more to visit than to shop. In the Tehran bazaar this shop belongs to Hajeb Al-Doleh. This shop was built during the reign of Naser Al-Sin shah by Haj Ali Khan Hajeb Al-Doleh.

Hajeb Al-Doleh shop connects the two northern and southern lines on the east and the shoe makers’ bazaar in the west.

Address: Tehran, 15 Khordad st, Sabze Meidan, Shoe maker’s bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar
Tehran Bazaar
Tehran Bazaar Address

This bazaar is located in the Molavi st. on the south, Mostafa Khomeini (previously Siroos) st. on the east, 15 Khordad on the north and Khayyam on the west and you can easily access it via subway.

Tehran Grand Bazaar
Tehran Grand Bazaar

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