The Coppersmiths Bazaar , The voice of the hands of love

The Coppersmiths Bazaar , The voice of the hands of love

The obvious thing is that the Coppersmith is a place where the artists hammering on copper to create an artwork.

The Isfahan Coppersmiths Market is located in the western part of the Naghsh-e Jahan Square and is located in the north of Ali Qapu Palace, and was built during the Safavid era.

Even if you do not intend to buy from this market, do not miss it.

The Coppersmiths Bazaar
The Coppersmiths Bazaar

What is Coppersmith?

It is a profession, in which the artist makes a dish by a hammer and other instruments such as a pot. Research has shown that this art has existed since about 5000 years ago. Naturally, however, at that time, they were not upright to say that “art”. Coppersmith is now spread in the cities of Kashan, Isfahan, Kerman, Zanjan and Shiraz. That means artists in this field are more active in these cities. I would also like to tell you from Islamic Coppersmith, some consider this because of Islam’s emphasis on the health of the body. What is the relation between the health of copper and Islam?

The Coppersmiths Bazaar in isfahan
The Coppersmiths Bazaar in isfahan


The researchers, who came across a copper smelter in Qazvin, in the course of their work, realized that Iranians had done this from very old time. The furnace that is mentioned above was for 2100 BCE.

The Coppersmiths Bazaar
The Coppersmiths Bazaar

Why should we use copper dishes?

It is well-known that doctors recommend to those with joint pain that they have a copper bracelet, due to the lack of copper ions in the blood, which is decrease the pain of joints.

  • Reduce the symptoms of arthritis
  • Maintain color and transparency of the eye
  • Protecting the myelin sheath around the nerves
  • Body energy production
  • Reduce or eliminate the growth of bacteria
  • Increased immunity
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • And…

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