The Tabātabāei house │ Kashan

The Tabātabāei house │ Kashan

The Tabātabāei house is one of the most beautiful Iranian houses known as the bride of Iranian house and is dating back to 170 years ago.

History of Tabātabāei’s house

Haj Seyyed Jafar Tabātabāei, the owner of the Tabātabāei house, was one of the international carpet business and he was from Natanz and residing in Kashan. About 1250 AH, he decided to build a luxurious house next to the Imamzadeh Sultan Amir Ahmad’s mosque. The architectural design of this building, such as Borujerdi’s house and the backing of Amin al-Dawla, was left by the famous architect of Kashan, Ali Maryam Memar, and he built a magnificent house in ten years.

The unique and beautiful plaster of this building, which is one of the important attributes of this house is made by one of the students of Mirza Abolhassan, Senni-o-Molk Ghaffari Kashani. Because of the fact that the owner of the house was in the carpet business, all of the plaster motifs were inspired by the roots of Persian carpets (Like Flowers and Chicken Motifs)

Tabātabāei house architecture

The architecture of Kashan’s historic houses is all an introverted type. This meant that they did not have much attention to the outside of the house, and all the beauty and glory of these houses appeared inside it. It was rooted in the thought of its owners that they tried to be out of sight and not so much in the eyes of the people. This is also evident in all aspects of the architecture of the Tabātabāei house.

Like other historic desert houses, Tabātabāei house have altitudes below the ground, and this is due to several causes; one of them is that they have to use the soil for the construction of this building, so they will be used to supply the soil to the second advantage. This Advantage is to using soil for sound and heat insulation, and in this way, they had convenient access to the nearby aqueducts.

Tabātabāei House of Kashan
Tabātabāei House of Kashan

The entire Tabātabāei house uses a hijab style architecture in which there is no external view to the inside of the house, and its inhabitants lived easily and far from the stranger’s look. By using this method, all the windows of the house are open to spaces such as the courtyards and porches, and these spaces are best embellished. The house is divided into three distinct sections: the interior, the exterior and the crew, and there are generally 40 rooms, 4 courtyards, 4 cellars (basements) and 3 windward.

Among 4 courtyards, a central courtyard belongs to the exterior and two courtyards belonging to the Indoor and a courtyard belonging to the crew, and the water of this house is also provided by two rivers or channels of aqueducts called Dowlatabadi and Nasrabadi.

Tabātabāei House of Kashan
Tabātabāei House of Kashan

Iran Trawel Suggestion

If you are looking for the most magnificent historic house in Kashan, choose the Tabātabāei house of Kashan, in terms of the intimate and good sense of the Borujerdi ‘s house, and in the architectural style of the Abbasi’s house, but all this complexes are accessible by walking. Just bring yourself to Alavi street, Sultan Amir Ahmad neighborhood, to see the house and the amazing historical monument step by step.

Visiting Information

Address: Kashan, Alevi St., Sultan Amir Ahmad Neighborhood

Visit time: Every day from 9:00 am to 20:00 pm

Visit cost: 20000 Toman

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