Tomb of Nader Shah Afshar | feeling Iranian pride

Tomb of Nader Shah Afshar | feeling Iranian pride

It will be a very big regret for anyone who visit Mashhad and leave it without seeing the magnificent Tomb of famous Nader Shah Afshar on Shirazi Street. If you go and visit the Tomb of Nader Shah Afshar, you will definitely feel the splendor and glory there. This beautiful statue belongs to the Naderi Garden Museum.

Why Nader Shah Afshar?

Nader Shah Afshar was the founder of the Afshari dynasty in Iran. He is one of the most famous and patriotic kings of Iran. Nader Shah is mostly known for his conquests and successflul re-independence of Iran by repression of the Afghans, the Ottomans and Russians. Nader Shah also started battles to conquer various regions, adding them to Iran’s Territory. Nader united the Iranian people under one flag, the Iranian flag. In his reign of pwer, once again, Iran became the most powerful country in Asia.

At the end of his life, Nader Shah’s morality was changed. This happened mostly because of his perceived dangers from his own people. His immoralities at the end resulted in his killing by Ali Ghuli Khan Afshar, one of his own people, inside a tent.

History of Nader Shah Afshar ’s Tomb

When Nader Shah was still alive, he had a vision about his death and he was prepared for it. He ordered building a tomb for him on Balakhiaban Street (also called Shirazi Street) of Mashhad, so his people could bury him there after his death.

In 1957, the Society for the National Heritage of Iran attempted to build a new tomb for him, a tomb that suits the great glory of Nader Shah. They chose Houshang Seyhoun as the project manager and main architect for Nader Shah Afshar’s Tomb reconstruction.

Architecture of Nader Shah Afshar ’s Tomb

The most notable feature of the tomb that attracts attention of the visitors at first sight is the use of the granites of Mashhad’s Kuh Sangi Mountains in the construction of the monument, which is an excellent manifestation of the stubbornness and power of the Shah during his kingdom.

The chamber where Nader Shah’s tombstone is in there is a square hall with columns around. The walls of this hall are made of colored marble, which, together with a roof like a tent’s roof, resembles the scene of the assassination of this great king. The pillars of this hall look like Naderi Helmets, made of two rectangles making an angle of 45 degrees.

When someone mentions the Nader Shah’s Tomb, maybe the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is his statue, which resembles the dynamicity of war.

In other parts of the garden, there are side-buildings that were used as community hall, library, bathroom and greenhouse. They are all designed in a harmony with the tomb. The sculptures of this garden were all made by Mr. Abolhassan Siddiqui in Rome or cast in bronze.

Naderi Museum in the garden

There is also a museum with two separate halls in this beautiful garden. One of these halls has historical objects related to the Afshari dyansti, such as military uniform and weapons of warfare, as well as important artwork and manuscripts.

Visit the tomb of Nader Shah Afshar

Finding this tomb is easy because of its proximity to the shrine of Imam Reza. The tomb is located on Shirazi Street. This place is easily reachable both by foot and by city bus.

The cost of visiting this complex is 1000 Tomans and it is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM everyday.

Contact Number: 05132224888

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