Best Tourist Attractions of Mashhad’s Torghabeh and Shandiz

Best Tourist Attractions of Mashhad’s Torghabeh and Shandiz

All of us know that Mashhad is one of the most popular cities of Iran. The number of travelers to Mashhad and its pilgrims is increasing yearly. Mashhad, as the second most populous city, has both historical sites and spectacular natural attractions. The historical and attractive sites of Mashhad like Naderi Garden or Professor Bazima Science Park are inside of the city and it would be interesting for travelers to visit them. However, most of the travelers prefer to visit the natural attractions outside the Mashhad. Two of the most famous natural attractions of Mashhad are the cities Torghabeh and Shandiz. In this article, we are going to introduce you Torghabe, Shandiz, and the facilities of these two cities.

Geographical location and climatology

Shandiz is a yaylak city within 15 kilometers from Mashhad. In the old times, this city was called “Shah Diz”.  This city with its high mountains, mild climate (a cool temperature during summer), restaurants and suitable facilities, green gardens placed near to rivers like moqan, kang, jaqarq and zoshk, have become one of the most popular destinations for tourists and travelers.

Torghabeh is 18 kilometers away from Mashhad. It is eastern neighbor of Shandiz, so the climate of these two cities have no differences. Both of the cities have mild temperature, with cold winters and cool summers. To describe the beautiful nature of Torghabeh, it is enough to say that it is limited by Binalud Mountain from the west and Takht-e Rostam Mountain from the east. Torghabeh is covered with many long trees and its surface is partially flat and green. This city has mild climate and it is 1600 square kilometers.

Spectacular Attractions

Perhaps your imagination of Torghabeh and Shandiz so far is only limited to their beautiful natural attractions, which is suitable for a family picnic, but it is interesting to know that the recreational and residential facilities of these cities and also the high quality restaurants of them have attracted many people during recent years, especially the young people. Here we will tell you a brief about attractions of Torghabeh and Shandiz to get you more familiar with these two wonderful cities.

Spectacular Attractions of Torghabeh of Mashhad

The garden of water Village of Villashahr: this complex has a distance about 10 minutes by drive from the center of Torqhabeh. It offers high quality public services such as restaurants, cafes, parks and gazebos. The reason that they this garden a water village is that it is surrounded with a lake.

Chalidareh Recreational Complex: Chalidareh with its intact nature and mountains around is the best place to stay away from the pollution and crowdedness of the city. Chalidareh Recreational Complex also has water recreations such as launch, motor boats and pedal boats, as well as entertainment such as chairlift, bungee jumping and gondola lift.

Fishing enthusiasts can also easily enjoy fishing in the lake of Chalidareh, because there is no prohibitions. There are some good restaurants in Chalidareh that you can use them.

Band-e Golestan: Historical area from ​​ancient times and Timurid era, which is placed in Torghabeh of Mashhad. Band-e Golestan is one of the most important dams of Khorasan. You can pitch a tent in this area with your family and enjoy its recreational amenities like pedal boats, cafes and restaurants.

Torghabeh and Shandiz
Torghabeh and Shandiz

Kamar Maqboula Park (Natural Stone Park): This Park is one of the most amazing stone parks of Iran, which is located 3 kilometers away from Torghabeh. Kamar Park has numerous huge rocks with different shapes that are actually archaeological remains of volcanic lava. They have discovered petroglyphs related to thousands of years ago. These petroglyphs are historically important for archaeologists. In addition, due to discovery of these ancient petroglyphs, Kamar Mqboula Park is recorded as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Spectacular Attractions of Shandiz of Mashhad

The city of Shandiz has always welcomed large number of tourists, especially the locals of Mashhad, due to the increasing development of its recreational areas and its famous restaurants. It is interesting to know that the most famous symbol of the city of Shandiz is a 2700-year-old plantain tree, which was also used in the logo of the municipality of Shandiz for a period. Some people believe that once there was several shops inside of tree, including butcher shop and shoemaker shop etc.


Since the city of Shandiz has more historical and recreational sites than Torghabeh, it is not possible to mention and introduce all of the attractions of this city in a single article and we will just simply name the most spectacular attractions of Shandiz of Mashhad.

Shandiz city monuments
  • Tomb of Sheikh Hafez Abardehi in Abardeh village
  • Akhi Ali Ghatl Shah
  • Robat-e Virani
  • Petroglyphs of Shotor Sang Derakht-e Bid
  • Remains of the historic castle of Shahandej
  • Abardeh Bala village
  • Robat-e Virani Museum
  • Historical Mosque of Shandiz
Natural Attractions of Shandiz city:
  • Dasht-e Behest Hotel of Shandiz
  • Abardeh and Zoshk Villages
  • Beautiful Abshar Street
  • Razavi Shandiz Observatory
  • Abardeh Shirbad Ski Resort
  • Virani Mx Racing Track
  • Zoshk Telecabin
  • Largest shopping and entertainment center of the east of the country, Padideh Shandiz
Comparison of Torghabeh and Shandiz in terms of their attractions

At a glance, you can generally find out that the city of Shandiz has more recreational places, historical attractions and amenities than Torghabeh. However, it cannot be denied that Torghabeh is very rich by having beautiful nature, rivers and lakes and is a great place for family trips. Chalidareh of Torghabeh is a great option for a half day out with friends, but we recommend spending a full day enjoying your leisure time to enjoying the facilities.

Restaurants; Shandiz or Torghabeh?

Shishlik is one of the most delicious and popular dishes of Shandiz. It is made from six slices of lamb with a special baking method. This food has a worldwide reputation and the reason for popularity of most of the restaurants of Shandiz is offering desirable shishliks.

If you are going to choose from Torghabeh and Shandiz and tasting new and delicious foods is very important for you, definitely Shandiz would be your best choice. In Shandiz you will not need any list for the best restaurants of the city, because Padideh Restaurant, which has a worldwide reputation, is one of the biggest restaurant complexes with its pleasant environment and best services is the best option for you.

The story of food tourism in Torghabeh has some differences because in Torghabeh, in addition to its little attractive traditional restaurants, there are various Ashkadehs like Nanejoon Ashkadeh and Jaghrogh Ashkadeh. Everyone who likes to spend his time in the natural environments can order his dishes from these Ashkadehs.

Torghabeh and Shandiz
Torghabeh and Shandiz
Souvenirs and crafts

If you are interested in art and you are looking for handicrafts such as Vitreous enamel, Khātam, toreutics and gypsum sculptures, we suggest you visit the shopping centers such as Be’sat Bazar, which you can buy your ideal souvenirs also enjoy visiting this traditional bazar

In addition, because of great number of travelers visiting Shandiz every year, there are many shopping malls such as Padideh of Shandiz that may not have the traditional handicrafts but can meet your need of shopping.

Torghabeh or Shandiz? Which one is better?

In general, it is not possible to say which city is superior to the other, as each of the cities of Torghabeh or Shandiz has their own recreational centers and natural attractions, and anyone can visit any of them according to their own tastes. However, Torghabeh of Mashhad is ideal for those who mostly enjoy from natural attractions and are interested in visiting its lake. Conversely, if you are one of the people who like to go to a place full of recreational amenities and eat the best foods in the most famous restaurants of Khorasan province, choosing Shandiz of Mashhad will be better for you.

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