Turkish Airlines Company

Turkish Airlines Company

The quality of services and flight’s safety are among the most important factors that make a company a successful one or unsuccessful one. Among all the international airlines that exist, the Turkish Airlines is considered as one of the best foreign airline companies. In Iran, many people who plan to travel to Turkey or any other countries use this airline. In this article, we will introduce you with this airline.

Turkish Airlines Company

Turkish Airlines Company is one of the well-known foreign airline companies. Its headquarters office is in Istanbul. It also has branch offices in two international airports of Turkey, Ataturk Airports and Sabiha Airport). Ataturk ordered to build this airport in the order of Turkey’s modernization. The development of Turkish Airline was good and fast enough that in 2015 it was recognized as one of the top four airline operators in the world. Nowadays, its flights are done to more than 200 international airports with more than 247 routes.

The flight’s safety, quality of the fleet, the quality of services provided such as the food menu all and all were the reasons that resulted in success of the company. Fortunately, due to the good relations between Iran and Turkey, Iranian citizens can use a credit card to buy tickets from this airline and travel to Turkey or anywhere else in the world.

Currently, this airline is used for traveling to Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States.

The active fleet of Turkish Airlines Company:
  • Airbus A340
  • Airbus A330
  • Airbus A320
  • Airbus A310-300F
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 777
  • Embraer e Jet
  • Embraer E-195
  • Boeing Mex-737
Turkish Airline
Turkish Airline
What are the main hubs of Turkish Airlines Airlines?
  • Atatürk International Airport
  • Sabiha Gökçen International Airport

Note: Travelers who use one of these main hubs can enjoy the advantage of a VIP passenger lounge service. Some of the facilities of this salon are: free internet, bathroom, restaurant, laundry, library, etc.

Turkish Airline’s Airways in Iran

From Imam Khomeini of Tehran Airport to Istanbul, Rome, London, Tunisia, Vancouver, Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Madrid, Johannesburg, Paris, Sao Paulo, Zurich

  • From Mashhad to Istanbul
  • From Isfahan to Istanbul
  • From Ahwaz to Istanbul
  • From Tabriz to Istanbul
  • From Shiraz to Istanbul
  • From Kermanshah to Istanbul
Turkish Airline
Turkish Airline
Turkish Airlines flight classes

Like many other airliners, this airline’s flights can also be categorized into three: Economical, comfort and Business.


By purchasing an economic ticket, you can enjoy all the basic standards for a comfortable trip. Some of the features of this type of flights are comfortable chair with the ability to move back, watching movies, listening to music and more.

The passenger’s maximum load in this type of flight class is 20 kilograms.


Comfort Flight Class is another class of flight that its features is something between commercial and economical class. Some of the features of this flight class includes a monitor, a personal reading lamp, etc.

The passenger’s maximum load in this type of flight class is 20 kilograms.

Turkish Airline
Turkish Airline
Commercial (Business)

If you are going to spend a lot of time on a plane, it is better to use this type of flight class. As much as the cost of this type of flight class is more than the economical one, the quality of service provided to travelers is also better. For example, the seats of this type of flight are capable of becoming a 188-centimeter bed, which definitely lessens the fatigue of long travels.

The passenger’s maximum load in this class of flight is 30 kilograms.

The most important hints you need to know about the Turkish Airlines Company:
  • Allowed load for children under 2 years of age is 10 kg.
  • If your load exceeds the stated values ​​according to your flight type, you must pay the overcharge.
  • The cost of cancellation or change of the ticket date varies depending on the flight class. So before you buy, be sure to read the rules of this airline.

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