Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral

We are here to know Vank Cathedral in Isfahan better.

Vank Cathedral Paintings

What is so interesting in the Vank Cathedral is the beautiful paintings within the church. All the interior angles of the church are painted with a very happy and warm colors on the gypsum with Italian-painted style. Most of the paintings are about the birth of Jesus and his ascension, and other sections are dedicated to the Day of Doom, Paradise and Hell, Adam and Eve. Hovans Merkuz and Estiyanous Priest and Professor Minas are the painter of the Vank Cathedral. It’s said that golden, gilded, and red color made of reddish plants.


The main mortar of this church is the raw clay and the exterior walls are brick-cut without any tiles or decorations.

Armenian-Iranian Church

The church has two domes like the dome of Muslim mosques of the Safavid era. Because Shah Abbas, who allowed the Armenians to build a church, fearing to provoke the religious feelings of the Isfahan people, ordered the Armenians to build the church in accordance with the architecture of the Iranian mosques.

Domes related to the Iranian architecture have been mounted on Armenian architectural compatible domes. The church has two bell towers and two pairs of watches, each with a diameter of 104 centimeters. The long column, which is in the one of the corners of the courtyard, made with the memorial stone of 1.5 million Armenians who were slaughtered in 1915.

Vank Cathedral
Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral History

What is the reason of the existence and presence of churches and Armenians in Iran? Following the Ottoman attacks in 1605, Shah Abbas transferred a large group of the Armenians to the cities and villages of Armenia. The Armenians wanted to have their own social and religious facilities. So they built the Vank Cathedral with using popular donations.

Different Parts

The museum was built in 1905. A person named Tadeus Honanian, the son of Harutun Hunanian, attempted to build rooms on the northern side of the Vank Church courtyard to preserve books, manuscripts, and historical objects. There is also a library on the churchyard. The printing house is also from other institutions of the church. Khachator Kasaratsi GZARATSSY built this printing house in Jolfa, which started in 1636 as the first printing house.


Address: Isfahan, Hakim Nezami Crossroad, East Nazar Street, Vank Church Alley

Time to Visit: Saturday to Thursday: 8:30 am to 18:30 pm and Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Ticket Price: 20000

Isfahan Vank Cathedral Iran

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