Village Housing of the Beautiful Village of Qazvin ; In the Heart of Nature

Village Housing of the Beautiful Village of Qazvin ; In the Heart of Nature

Village housing of the beautiful village of Qazvin is a place for your calmness, why? Because when you are tired of the crowdedness and pollution of the city and are looking for an exciting trip to an uncharted region, there is a great housing complex built in a village known as the Masooleh of Qazvin and is the closes housing complex to the Hasan Sabbah castle (Alamoot castle), Evan lake, and Garma Galoo valley.

In this article all the needed information about the location, structure, and the time of travel to the village housing of the beautiful village of Qazvin are offered so that you can set your itinerary with ease of mind.  Stay with us so that we can have a look around in a village in which this housing complex is built and read about the cherry gardens around this housing complex.

Qazvin, the Mysterious Ancient Land

Qazvin is one of the oldest human settlements in Iran which has many souvenirs from history at its heart. There are many historical attractions in the city of Qazvin that turn Qazvin into a tourist city along with its natural attractions. Among these attractions are Alamoot region, Shams castle, Evan lake, and Shirkooh castle. In the following parts we will introduce some of these tourist attractions in Qazvin:

Alamoot Region; A Heaven in the Heart of Qazvin

The beautiful and unique region of Alamoot makes it so much more persuading to travel to Qazvin. Alamoot is a dreamy and mysterious land in which tress, river and valley are combined together. Alamoot region is a historical and natural region in the east northern area of Qazvin and is located on the range of the high mountains of central Alborz and in the outskirt of Shahrood large valley.

illage Housing of the Beautiful Village of Qazvin
illage Housing of the Beautiful Village of Qazvin

Evan Lake; Shining Pearl of Qazvin

It would be a shame if you went to Alamoot and didn’t go to see the lake Evan. Lake Evan is a natural attraction of Qazvin which is really attractive to foreign and local tourists due to its amazing scenery. This lake is located 75 kilometers from the city of Qazvin. In this lake you can engage in some recreational activities like sailing, photography, climbing, picnic, and ice skating in the winter.

Shirkooh Castle

The city of Qazvin is known as the city of castles and dams in which there are many castles. Shirkooh castle or Bidelan castle is one of these castles which is close to the village of Baghdasht and in the intersection of Taleghan Rood and Alamoot Rood. This castle is located in the Roodbar part of Alamoot and in the village of Shirkooh.

Village Housing of the Beautiful Village of Qazvin, an Experience of an Indescribable Joy

Village housing of the beautiful village of Qazvin is located in the city of Qazvin and in the tourist village of Atan. This popular village housing has an area of 400 square meters and is only built in the form of a ground floor. The capacity of this housing is 10 people at most and has a suite including a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Beautiful village is located 27 kilometers from the Moallem Kelayeh city and in a mountain village with good weather and is a good place for those tourists who choose summer as the season for their travel. To familiarize you with this housing even more, first you need to be familiarized with the tourist village of Atan:

The Story of Atan Tourist Village and Its Cherry Gardens

The city of Qazvin has many lovely villages. The tourist village of Atan is one of the loveliest and most unique villages of Qazvin whose style of houses is among the protected cultural heritage of Iran. This beautiful village is one of the counties of the Roodbar Alamoot of Qazvin and is located 25 kilometers from the Moallem Kelayeh city and has a cold and dry weather.

The village of Atan is for summer, but during the past two centuries it has been turned into a permanent housing. The houses in the Atan village or it would be better to say the Massole of Qazvin have a stair like structure, such that the yard of a house is the roof of another.

The valley village of Atan has a centralized housing structure and the way people of this village make a living for themselves has been effective on the structure of this village. The people of this village speak in the language of Tati and pay a lot of attention to religious and national ceremonies.

The views around the village of Atan are very unique, mesmerizing, and amazing. This village has a special beauty in the seasons of summer and spring, and you cannot just get enough of it.

The Nature and Views Around the Village Housing of the Beautiful Village of Qazvin

Housing in a village residence with an amazing and unique view is an indescribable joy. This housing is close to unique tourist attractions like the Hasan Sabah castle (Alamoot castle), Evan lake, Garma Galoo valley, and tens of other attractions. The existence of birds like partridge, martin, nightingale, and colorful butterflies has doubled the attraction of this housing.

Also, the people who choose this amazing residence, can have a look around in the beautiful cherry gardens and the nature of this village and make the best moments and memories for yourself.

Some Pointers about the Village Housing of the Beautiful Village of Qazvin

  • This housing does not have exclusive parking, but passengers and tourists can park their car only 30 meters from this housing with ease of mind.
  • Do not worry about the length of the way, because all throughout the way the road is tarmacked.
  • The housing has exclusive bathroom.
  • The heating system of this housing complex is a petroleum-based heating but due to its suitable and acceptable weather, this heating system is not used much.
  • The suite of the housing complex is such that you sleep on the floor, but clean and tidy sleeping service is given to passengers and tourists for their nightly stay.
  • Staying at this housing complex is free for children below 5.
illage Housing of the Beautiful Village of Qazvin
illage Housing of the Beautiful Village of Qazvin

Last Remarks

If you intend to travel to the heart of nature, choosing a village housing that is located in the heart of a beautiful nature, can be a different experience and make you some beautiful and memorable moments. In this article we tried to familiarize you with the village housing of the beautiful village of Qazvin, but as they have said from the past, hearing is nothing like seeing.

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