What are The safest flights for traveling to Iran

What are The safest flights for traveling to Iran

Travelers always search for the safest flights when they want to travel. In fact when traveling, the most important issue for all passengers is security and flight safety. In fact, all passengers prioritize their airplane safety, and airline safety, for choosing their flight and the importance of this issue in foreign travels is much higher. There are about 22 airlines in Iran, some of which are among the safest flights airlines. Airline safety is considered as the number of received reports is due to accidents, technical defects, and fatal and financial losses. Among these airline companies, the following are identified as the safest flights and companies.

Homa( Iranair) airways

Iran Air or Homa Airlines was the first Iranian airline to commence on March 5th, 1340, with the name of the national airline of Iran, and with the abbreviation Homa. It also continued its activities under the same name until 1360. After that, its name changed from Homa to the Islamic Republic of Iran airline or Iran Air. The airline now has a large share in air transport with domestic and foreign flights. The safety of the company’s flights has proven that during all its years of operation, only four accidents which have been fatal and about 20 accidents which have been non-fatal. One of the most fundamental and most important roles of the airline is to transport pilgrims from Iran annually to Saudi Arabia and their return to Iran.

Iran Air Tour

One of the private airline companies operating in Iran’s Airways is Iran Air Tour. The company was set up in 1372 under the supervision and support of Iran Air Airlines or Homa Airlines, with the purpose of charter and tourist flights, and after a while rent and purchased a number of aircrafts. Iran Air Tour, in addition to providing domestic transport services, offers Iranian citizens an ideal service in several Central Asian countries. The central airport of this company is located in Mashhad, which is operated weekly with more than 50 domestic and foreign flights from the airport. The airline was selected in 1394 and 1395 with three fatal accidents and four non-fatal accidents as a candidate for the safest Iranian aircraft.

Aseman Airline

In 1359, Aseman Airline was established by the integration of 4 air companies called Pars Air, Air taxi, Hoor Aaeman and Air Service. It operates as the nation’s most comprehensive network of flights, and focuses more on areas with less passengers and more problems. Aseman Airlines has carried out 55 domestic and foreign flights, and has had 2 fatal accidents and 8 non-fatal accidents. It was also recognized as the best and most secure airlines in the country in1993. Aseman Airlines is currently providing passengers with 39 active airplanes.

Mahan Airline

One of the Private airlines operating on Iran’s Airlines is Mahan Airline. It has allocated a large part of Europe, Asia and the Middle East flights to itself, and is considered as one of the best and most popular Iranian airlines. Location of establishment of this Airline Company was in Kerman in 1391 and start its operation one year later. This airline currently operates with 70 active aircrafts and 52 domestic and foreign destinations. The Mahan Air has never faced any accidents and experienced only a few minor incidents.

The safest flights to Iran
The safest flights to Iran

Caspian Airline

Caspian Airline was founded in 1372, which now has six aircraft. The airline is operating in cooperation with the Iranian Air Force, which operates more than 300 domestic and foreign flights during the week. Following the creation of new management changes, the Caspian Airlines has expanded its navy as its target and strategy, and has now increased its navy to 10.

Ata Airline

Ata Airlines was founded in Tabriz in 1388 and started its operation with 4 aircrafts, and now it has 10 airplanes. The first flight of the airline took place in January 2009 to the holy Mashhad. Atta Airlines now with its flight scheduled set flights to Bahrain, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iran. With 13 airplanes operating in transporting passengers. The airline is also considered a safe airline, which has so far not been hit by any accident.

Kish Airline

Iran is Kish Air is one other safest flights to Iran, which now has 12 Fokker and McDonald Douglas active fleets. The airline was established in 1992 and is considered as a private Iranian airline company owned by the Kish Free Zone Organization. The Kish Airline Company, with the aim of expanding the activities of the Kish Island, has also been able to connect the island with the capital of other provinces and are easily connected with the Gulf States.

The safest flights to Iran
The safest flights to Iran

Meraj Airline

Meraj Airline is also one of the other safest Iranian private airlines established in 1389. In 1395, the airline received the record for the longest Iranian flight that completed the diplomatic delegation of Javad Zarif from the city of Sydney, Australia without interruption and refueling, and within 17 hours to Tehran. The airline now operates with 11 airplanes.

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I think losing your travel documents, money, and your phone in a foreign country is on the top place in the list of top things you must be scared of when you go abroad. You can google the list of the cities famous for their pickpockets and purse-snatchers. Now, if you’re coming to Iran, hearing the financial news in Iran might worry you a little; and in fact, the tourist centres and crowded areas are no exception in this case. But statistics show that Iran is almost a lot better and safer than other countries in this case. But, only in case you want to travel with peace of mind, keep these points in mind: • You don’t have carry your passport with you to everywhere you go; only a copy of that would suffice. No one usually asks for it. • You will need cash, but you shouldn’t carry all the cash you have with you. • I suggest you to put your eggs in different baskets, I mean split your money and put it in different places so in case you get robbed, you will have some money left. • It’t better to use bags and handbags instead of backpack in crowded places like bazaars; so you can always watch the zippers. • And always keep an eye on your phone!