Winter in Iran

Winter in Iran

Since Iran is a four seasons country, Iranians have special ceremonies for each season. The variety of these customs are so beautiful and interesting that tourists put seeing these in their itinerary and do not limit their travel to visiting natural and historical attractions. These customs as well as being held in people’s houses are held in the streets and in public. Each of the four seasons of Iran is important for Iranians for a reason.

They like summers because schools are off and there is a boost in travels. They like autumn for the nature becomes yellow and orange, leaves fall on the ground, and they can wear colorful clothes and even take autumn photos. They like the spring because the new year comes and Nowruz holiday is in this season. And finally they like the winter because they can throw snowballs and for the holiday of Yalda and this season’s other blessings. In this short article we’ll discuss more about the winter.

Iranian cultures in winter

Yalda night

Iranian’s winter begins with the holiday of Yalda, about which we have talked about it in this article. Iranians like to get together with family and friends for any reason and eat fruits and sweets and talk of past, read poems and sing. The night of Yalda is an important and beautiful reason for people to get together and they are committed to celebrating it.

Yalda night
Yalda night

Selling special snacks

Ice cream and juice sales drop in the winter, but other snacks gain interest among people. One of these snacks is hot cooked beets (Called “Laboo” in Iran) . Beet sellers stand around in the streets with their stands and sell this delicious food to people. You can order sweet or sweet-and-sour cooked beets and this depends on your taste. The market of beet sellers is booming in this season and people meet it with great enthusiasm.

Fava beans (Called “Baaghaali” in Iran)  is another favorite winter food among Iranians. You can find this one on the stands of fava bean sellers in the streets.

Of course in some cities of Iran selling food on these stands is forbidden due to health reasons. But for example in the city of Tehran you can find these stands almost in any street. Of course some shops sell these foods as well, but the fact that these stands are nostalgic for people makes them choose buying from these over the shops.

Play snowy games

In the winter people go to mountain sides with more snow on them to engage in winter recreations. Among the simplest snowy recreations of Iranian we call point to making snowmen. After that going to ski resort and skiing has its own fans. On the side of the ski resorts which have been standardized for this sport, there is a sliding rank and sled riding. Those who do not want or cannot ski, can ride tubes or sleds. Though riding tubes is not without its dangers, but people enjoy this hobby very much. They sometimes slide down the hill in a single person tube and sometime do this in groups with very large tubes.

In some cities of Iran where it snows a lot making snowman competition is held. These competitions are for artists and children and are held in two different sections.


In the past Iranian had a heating device named Korsi. It was made first by digging a hole in the house and filling it with hot coals. Then they would put a wooden stool on it and then they would put a large blanket on the stool. This led to a very hot space under the blanket. People would put their feet under the blanket to get warm. This tradition is still kept to this day in some Iranian households and people have Korsi in their houses. But no more holes in the ground. Instead people fill a container with hot coals or use a small electric heater.

Knitting clothes

Iranian women knit hats and scarves for their children in the winter. And people like the hats and scarves that their mothers knit for them over the machine made store bought ones.

Winter in Iran
Winter in Iran

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