Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Kerman

Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Kerman

Based on historical evidences, Zoroastrian fire temple of Kerman is the last one in its kind built in Kerman. It is the first Zoroastrian museum of documents and anthropology in the world.

About Fire Temple and Zoroastrians

Good words, good thoughts and good deeds are the main motto of Zoroastrians, who always put it at the head of their affairs. Fire temples are the temples for Zoroastrians who worship Ahura Mazda by burning fire in a certain place. The Zoroastrian fire temple, which used to be a residential building, has been transformed into a temple in 1330 (1952), the Pahlavi era. Now it is still used as a fire temple and Zoroastrians go there to worship their god. This fire temple is known as the last Zoroastrian fire temple in Kerman. Some people believe that the fire in the fire temple of the temple has been kept vivid since hundreds of years ago.


This fire temple is a museum. One of the oldest objects you can find in this museum is a handwritten book of Goths, which is over 200 years old. In addition, there is a 200 years old portable fireplace. Among the most valuable parts of this museum, we can mention the Fartor and its documents section, which have great value to the Zoroastrians of Nasseri community of Kerman and Rafsanjan, as well as other well-known experts such as Arbab Kaykhosro Shahrokh, Mirza Borzou Amighi, Mrs Keshvar Mazdisna and Pourandokht. Another section of the Zoroastrian Museum is dedicated to the presentation of the Zoroastrian women and men costume, dating back from 50 to 150 years old. Mukhna, Lechak, Charqad, Coat, Shirt and Embroidered Pants are all kinds of women’s clothes you can see at the museum. Each of them has a special beauty.

They believe this museum is the only Zoroastrian anthropology museum in the world.

Visiting the Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Kerman

Address: Moshtaghieh Square, Zerisf Street (Shohada), Borzou Amighi Street, Right Hand in the First Alley

Entry cost: 2000 Tomans

Visiting hours: 6am to 9pm

Contact number: 03433126686

 Dolat-Khaneh Fire Temple

The fire temple of the Dolat-Khaneh is one of the most famous fire temples in Kerman and it is related to the Safavid era. This fire temple is located in one of the most ancient neighborhoods of Kerman, called Dolat-Khaneh. According to the inscriptions found in the fire temple, this building was built in 1270 Yazdgerdi (1901 AD and 1280 SH), with a central courtyard and surrounding spaces, which include various sections like hall of the fire temple, the special keeping place of sacred fire and the kitchen. Other spaces are somehow used for serving worshipers.

Every year in the Nowruz, fire temple and Zoroastrian Museum of Kerman are two of the most visited places in Kerman and even Iran. IranTrawell recommends you to visit the Zoroastrian customs during these days.

Address: Kerman, Samsam Street, Mahdieh Alley.

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